Try this easy, 3 step process to transform negative thoughts into productivity.

The Slack notification bell rang. A user had deleted his account after a free trial and provided the following feedback:

Have you ever struggled to get work done in a noisy and chaotic environment like the airport or a busy cafe? Or, despite your best efforts, found it really difficult to get any momentum going on a difficult project?

Not only can the right music drown out the noise around…

Earlier this month we finally hit CircleCI’s generous 1500 minute per month build time limit.

As the founder of a bootstrapped startup (see Focuster) I’m super grateful for CircleCI over the years because it has been a great build service and they were very generous with their limits.

But every…

A Visual Guide using Focuster

There’s been lot of attention lately on daily and morning rituals and how that relates to entrepreneurial and professional success. A key component of that is setting priorities for the day and scheduling those priorities in your calendar. This can be time consuming with traditional tools. …

Why do we often say before making an important decision, “Just let me sleep on it”?

It turns out this is more than just a popular idiom — actually catching some zzzz’s before making a decision helps us make better decisions.

Decision fatigue is just what it sounds like —…

I ran across an interesting fact the other day: Most of us can only stay focused on any one task for just 8 seconds, or the same amount of time a skilled cowboy can stay on a bucking bronco.

This fact was hard for me to believe at first but…

Jordan Baker

Founder @–get 10x more done with an auto-scheduled to-do list

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